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Wind Turbines for Farms

barryroe co-op wind turbine farm     Barryroe Co-op held a seminar, Wind Turbines 2010, in Clonakilty in conjunction with NGS Energy. John Flaherty CEO of the C&F Group who manufacture turbines spoke on the new technologies available to harness wind power at farm and domestic level. John was the 2008 winner of the Ernst & Young entrepreneur of the year award.
    The seminar covered topics such as wind speeds, energy harvest and turbine technologies.
    A major point emphasised was how blade diameter is the major factor in the output of a turbine. The C&F turbine was on display within the hotel for all to view. It’s design was described, how it maximises the harvest of wind power using larger blades and sectioned generator technology while complying with planning and ESB regulations.
    A number of the audience went on, the following day, to see a turbine being installed at John Gash's farm, Belgooley.

For anyone interested in discussing wind turbines, talk to Seamus O’Mahony on 087 2720716.


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