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Mobile Milk App

INSTRUCTIONS for Downloading and Using the APP

1.     Downloading the App

You can download the MilkedIn Mobile App from the Google Play Store (Android) and App Store (iPhones).

Note: You must have an Account Registered with Barryroe ON-LINE to use the App.
You will use the same Co-op Account Number and Password to sign into the Milk Mobile App.

2.     Login to Barryroe Co-op Milk Mobile App

Once you have the app downloaded, you can sign in using your 7 digit Co-op Account Number and Password. You will also need to enter server:
Note: You will only need to sign into the App the first time you download it.

When you have successfully logged into the app, you may be asked if you would like to receive Notifications.
These will be used to communicate your new Quality Results when they are available on the app.

3.     Navigation of Milk Mobile App

After signing into the app, you will have access to a list of options that are all available through the menu button in the top left corner of the screen.


When you press this button, it will take you to the main menu where you can select any of the below options:

Displays your most recent and current months’ collections and test results
 Milk Collections
Displays Collections by Period for current year and previous years
 Quality Results
Displays Quality results by Period and Test Type
Displays Total kgs, Butterfat kgs, and Protein Kgs
Displays cent per litre and Payment Value per period. User can drilldown to the detail relating to that payment.
Provides user with ability to do a yearly comparison on milk data.

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